Package Pricing

Heartland Steel Buildings Offers Package Pricing

In order to provide the best pricing, installation and Warranty* for Installation and Materials Heartland Steel Buildings offers Package Pricing that includes:

1) Informed Quoting Process

2) Consultation

3) Design & Engineer Building

4) Coordinate Project

  • Liasson for Suppliers, General Contractor & Architect
  • Coordinate Crews: Concrete & Build Crews
  • Troubleshoot and Solve Issues

5) Manage Timelines

  • Coordinate Delivery of Materials
  • Provide Schedules that Meet Clients Deadlines

Package pricing means we walk you through the design and installation process. We engineer, manage, insure and warranty the installation of your new Steel Building.

*Warranty: Our warranty on structural materials (red iron) is 1 year on workmanship . On the roof and wall panels a 25 to 40 year warranty pending on your panel finish choice.